70 comments on “Music of Scars

  1. I’m afraid I’m bias to some words, especially the first line. This poem washed over me and I felt so connected with it. This is beautiful. As I have mentioned before, I feel your poetry changing lately and I love this.


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  3. All I can think of reading this wonderfully evocative poem is it being an ode to Billie Holiday but, of course, it could be to any number of people and maybe I am completely missing the point.


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  5. I first came across your Music of Scars poem several weeks ago through WordPress Reader via thepublicblogger. I really liked it and was going to comment on it, but things got in the way and I promptly forgot about it, as well as who the author was. Well, thanks to your like of my most recent post, I went to your site and saw this poem for the second time. It’s reads even better than the first time! It’s my pleasure to meet again.


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