51 comments on “Tears of the Prophets

  1. Cain & Abel, Isaac & Ishmael, Jacob & Esau, Absolom & David, elder brother & prodigal – conflict lies deep within our genes . . .

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  2. When will the walls of intolerance come down? When will Peace reign? When will Love rule? Thank you so much for this post. Bless you, Paul!! Love, Amy


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    I read this poem for the first time today. It really spoke to me. In these days of war and unrest I think God cries for all of his/her children, regardless of nationality, religion, race or any of the other ways we subdivide ourselves and create a sense of otherness. Thank you for writing and posting the poem Paul.

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  4. Dunno what they’re fighting over.

    The Hindus have plenty of gods for everyone and they’re happy to share.

    I’d have clicked a ‘like’ onto this post but my lousy internet connection won’t let me.


  5. Your selection of the art with your writing is always superb, Paul! All the suffering in this world…I can’t sleep this evening…thinking of James Foley, his family…what he suffered to bring the suffering of the world to us to elicit compassion from us…I am looking for words of comfort and understanding. How can this be happening STILL…Your poetic VOICE is so important to our world!


  6. Yes, because uniting 3 banners against everyone else is such a noble goal? This shared reality that you call “Creation” is something that extends beyond his “three sons” and is perhaps worthy of appreciation and love and brotherhood with the “fruit of other trees.”

    I do hear a call for peace with a tone of division in your words. And I appreciate it as such.

    “In times of trouble//Everyone joins a team//No one waves a flag//For all human beings”~311, Seems Uncertain

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  7. monogenés: only begotten
    Original Word: μονογενής, ές
    Part of Speech: Adjective
    Transliteration: monogenés
    Phonetic Spelling: (mon-og-en-ace’)
    Short Definition: only, only-begotten, unique
    Definition: only, only-begotten; unique.

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