38 comments on “Old Wood

  1. oh wow,another masterpiece.This ability of yours to transform the mundane pictures of life into rich scenarios and musings filled with wonder and awe.
    This was amazing i’m so glad you reblogged i would have hated to miss it

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  2. “each mar and gouge
    every splinter and split
    reminiscent of wounds
    to my heart to my skin
    wounds that qualify me
    and old wood for a
    dignified elderly life”

    I read it as a mantra.
    and say Yes!!

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  3. WOW, amazing piece. I may have to write one about a table and 4 chairs I was given long ago–hand me down “love” from a stranger–no nails hold it together, just the wood fitting together and maybe glue? It’s pretty shaky with all the wear and tear–but I can’t imagine parting with the set.

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