20 comments on “Comeuppance

  1. “for scars will authenticate / character rescuing it from / the fiction of mind-smoke / and mirrors . . .”
    Terrific line!

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  2. It was once said by Dylan regarding ‘A Hard Rains Gonna Fall’ that every line could have been the title of a song – I do believe you’ve out done him here albeit an entirely different subject matter it packs the same punch.

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  3. “my judgment becomes you”—off at the gates! I felt my own growth in this poem–decisions I made–accepting the responsibility: “own it embrace it accept it this gift of assessment”…a little soul searching is good for everyone, now and then…this poem gave me much reflection! thank you, Paul! Have a great day!

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  4. Technical question: this was the FIRST notice I have had of your writing in months, and NONE of the others I have subscribed to…I was wondering what “techno-error” I inflicted upon my computer this time! Now yours came through…so I am baffled. Any ideas of how to correct this so I receive everyone’s updates?

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