33 comments on “Radio

  1. This evoked fond memories of a time when I sat with my father next to the old radio and we listened to Nat King Cole and the likes. It is unforgettable. I enjoyed your defiant ending

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  2. Hi Paul wonderful poem, can relate to it with ease, to quote Jim Morrison, it was back then when every thing was simpler and yet more confused … though it was great, at the time it was also terrible because of the oppression and brutality of Apartheid, but love the music and the radio, I think we were very lucky to grow up with the radio. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  3. Actually the music has taken a backseat to on air personalities, ad driven radio , and heavy rotation of what’s considered popular. Just bring back the music. Thank you, Paul.

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  4. Wow, powerful closing line, Paul–I agree; and I, too, miss the years when radio was FUN–every song seemed to inform the phase of my life, dancing and singing along badly but happy. Maybe that’s why I like the TV commercials where they’ve used great songs–like the Geico one (?) with Roy Orbison’s, “I ride the highway, I’m goin’ my way–I leave the story untold….”

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