26 comments on “Respite

  1. I saw an evening news piece the other night claiming 60 is the new 40. I thought, well that’ll be some trick, shedding 15 years over the next 5 :-).
    That nimble gray head doesn’t seem weary based on creativity, but I can definitely identify with this great piece, Paul, all aspects of it

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  2. The confined tiger makes a jungle in his mind where in his daydream he stalks the great water`buffalo through the mango groves . . . We call it ‘art’ and you, my friend, are master of your own imagination! As well as many of ours!!! Thanks!

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  3. What Peter said. I was with you, in spirit, on that walk. Whether it takes place in the imagination or reality, all senses were invoked. What else is imagination but the living of possibilities, whether they have come to pass before or live inside in glorious potential? Respite from the weary and wounded and for the weary and wounded is a gift you give yourself and others. I was there.x

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  4. At first I tried to read it line by line as if each line would have a meaning of its own but then I realized what I was doing wrong, so I started from the top and read the whole poem in a breath and all became clear! Beautifully written! ❤ 🙂

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