18 comments on “Existential Physics

  1. I, for one, hope To “discover” more than “create.” I don’t trust my own ability to create (leastways in regard to a persona. And chameleon-esque has not historically been my most attractive quality, sadly overused maybe, but not reliable!) But in this “discovery” (I know it’s semantics, what else?) I like that notion of “noble existence.” I have to believe it’s not just the domain of knights and fairy tales, but real, meaty, here, possible, and now. Thanks for good words for it. Nice flow and I love, love, love “tiny tenants.” (Sorry if my comment is vague, confusing and/or unsolicited… I’m not sure about cyber-graces or what counts as good commentary. Hoping ” feeling led’s” enough to warrant commenting.

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  2. In each and every contact of our lives we ‘take’ away some bits of the particulate cosmos from each other, just as we leave some of our own personal particulates on those whom we engage . . . It is not occasional but perpetual . . . Who we are is but partially our ‘creation’ as it is also partially God’s providence. I somehow doubt that we are destined to become ‘star dust’, even as I doubt that we are destined to become angels . . . You’ve raised some stimulating questions here, Paul. Thanks!

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