9 comments on “Under the Weather

  1. Paul, this really hits home as I suffered from severe depression on and off for about eight years after my mother died in 1993. You have captured it exactly. Have you ever been depressed? You must have been to write this poem.

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  2. I take depression meds, but am desperately trying to wean myself from them. I never could’ve imagined how a pharmaceutical could alter the workings of my brain. Have such sympathy now for hard core drug users.

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  3. Is rhere one among us who cannot identify with these words? For days like those I have thanked the passage of time.
    Jumping back to the first posting, reading the comments there, I hope thie is merely a reblog and not a reoccurrence, Paul. She’s a bitch to shake but she can be shook. Give her laldy.x

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