30 comments on “Memory Stacks

  1. Oh wow, it’s all good, but those last 2 lines grabbed this heart. Music is definitely evocative–good, and bad memories, depending on the associations. Whenever I hear Burt Bacharach’s songs, or Gordon Lightfoot, I am young again–forever.


  2. There is a romantic image of all those LP’s. Something about pulling one of those out of the sleeve, looking at the cover art, etc, that is different from CD’s (which are nearly obsolete for many folks these days), and completely lost with the convenience of buttons on a cell phone/iPod. While I no longer have LP’s, most of the CD’s we picked up at concerts or gigs. Not only do we enjoy the music, but we enjoy the memories of the locations of the event.


  3. Thank you, this was wonderful, I love the picture, makes me WANT all those records bad! My CD library is just over 600 but nothing compared to my Dad’s record collection, which always makes me feel covetous. I regress, great poem, Paul 🙂


  4. Hi Paul. Music on vynal brings back memories. May I thank you for your great comment.It’s so encouraging to know somebody appreciates the style I enjoy writing and also for liking my poem ‘ In A Village. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


  5. Reminds me of the day just a few years ago when – moving house – I finally sold my vinyl collection as it was ‘gathering dust’ I was told – wonderful poem.


  6. This page loads for me without an image, but even before reading the comments I knew there would have been one of vinyl in sleeves. I can remember a time when the album cover and liner notes were as much a part of the experience as the music itself.

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