34 comments on “Stickball

  1. this is great, know quite a few spaldeens in my day, even bought one recently for my cat to play with ;D


  2. ….nand when someone split the spaldeen in half, we would all spend the next few hours searching for nickel deposit bottles to redeem at the corner candy store to buy another ball.

    Just thought i’d visit a bit to thank you for liking in the wings on 20 Lines, encouragement is really appreciated.


      • yup, Bushwick stickball rules: car door handles were 1st and 3rd, 2nd base was scratched in the asphalt with a bottlecap and anything over the 2nd sewer on a fly was an automatic homer.

        chalk was a precious commodity, saved only for the skelzie board…LOL, what great days they were!.

        thanks for those memories.


  3. Incredible how the memory retains and returns to some moments as if they were yesterday. Your grandkids must love getting a glimpse of the boy through memories such as this. I have an amazing picture of you in mind now holding aloft your stick, in triumph. Skint knees too? 🙂

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    • skint knees, indeed – many houses were built with a narrow airspace between, and we used “climb” up the openings to reach the rooftops – climbing consisted of pressing against both walls using knees and elbows and feet and hands to wedge our way up – mama was none too pleased at having to constantly repatch my clothes


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