23 comments on “Asteroid

      • My pleasure, Paul. I had wondered why i haven’t seen anything new from you recently then discovered today that i hadn’t clicked the following button! I am still pretty new to this (though I think i am getting the hang of it now!). I’ve clicked it now so should get updates when you post, I’ll check back soonish and have a read of anything I’ve missed as I really like your poetry, you have a huge talent, pal and it is a genuine pleasure to read. all the best 🙂


  1. Hey Paul! Been a while. What’s wrong -not been getting your recent posts delivered to my mail box?
    Was wondering what you were gonna do with the piece at the outset. It ended well. Thanks for not boring me out with some scientific facts I probably already know or could easily google out.
    Of course, you are just a writer! Only a writer!!!


  2. Ending my own past–yes, that’s the challenge I face daily….wondering if writing will get the job done.


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