12 comments on “Hagiography

  1. On many (most even) of your ventures into this form of content ‘words’ come into my head as I read – a good thing I think as it means the poem has caused subliminal thought. This one, for example brought forth, ‘conclusions’ and ‘new beginnings’.

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  2. The ‘best’ saints I know are not ‘glorified’ but still walk among us as forgiven sinners . . . I like this fine poem, my friend, as I see you as one of them . . .

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  3. Deeply inspiring. Sainthood is bestowed posthumously , since saints die several times during their life of struggle against the evil ……and their death transforms in to a triumph of life fully lived for others….
    This poem has a compelling vision and convincing voice , it is a spark of purity and grace. that refuses to be anything else…Empowering….
    Thank you

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  4. Without such characters we are left floundering around in the mire. Loved this one! I recall Mr. Thomas Merton explaining saints as spiritual doctors tending the sick. Perfection of their role lies in serving those in need, and understanding how to benefit and lead others into holiness, with a clear model and example. They are not ‘glowing on a pedestal’ and devoid of connection with human realities. Merton also says that the saints are “never offended by anything”, since their faith is so consuming that real love quashes out all resentment towards others, since they see all others as God, who they love perfectly. Guess their faith is very pure, since there is no room whatever for doubting the strength and beauty of God and God’s character (who ALWAYS defends and preserves His integrity, to put things in very Christian terms!). May we dwell in a spirit of encouragement, to realise the path to holiness and bring about the destruction of joy killing sin. I rather agree with Intrudesite’s comments too!

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