17 comments on “Heartlight

  1. Yay! Thank you for a poem tagged ‘haiku’ that actually IS haiku! It has kiru (arguably ‘beneath’ as kireji but kireji can never be the same in English as in Japanese) and a focus on part of the natural world. A kigo is missing, but when you’re talking about the whole ruddy planet seasons become rather irrelevant!
    The description of a planet bursting with its own inner light which is hidden away beneath a thin stone crust is compelling, and the comparison to an eyeball is surprising (another common aspect of haiku) and effective. Wonderful.


  2. Paul, this speaks to me…”stone eyelids”—WOW…that is how I feel…too many zombies walking around…your words speak of the Light Beings…those who are here to wake us up…


  3. Wow! That is so simply put and yet so movingly powerful. Brilliant! The light of awareness shut out behind stone doors – which we can open at will, if we will. Regards.


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