29 comments on “The Helmet

  1. Cannot put it better than the lady above – all I can add for the sake of history is that when tracking back my family tree I found a relative who died on the 11/11/1918 – how bad can one person’s luck get!


  2. The poignancy is not wasted on those of us with parents and grandparents who served. It is eloquently put my friend and I was pleased that you chose for the narrator/subject to leave the helmet where it lay. It speaks volumes by the side of the road, as you show. Taken from there it would have been merely a trinket. 🙂

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  3. I love the rumble of your thunder, Paul F. Lenzi, the irresistibility of your headlong prose, powerful as a river, and your masterful use of difficult vocabulary, but I think you could’ve packed a greater punch with your ending, “I bent to retrieve it” is arresting, amazing, and personalizes powerfully your poem, for me a poetic triumph, a turn towards an introspective, would-be wise, outcome, but your conclusion falls flat, it is pedestrian, and I think you know it, I think it’s worth giving it another try – cheers, Richard

    psst: I wouldn’t even comment if I didn’t think you were worth it, Paul F. Lenzi, I hope you’d don’t take offence

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  4. Thank you for sharing this, it’s an amazing piece. I really do love what you do with the imagery here, the barren landscape, the weathered helmet. You get quite a lot out of “nothing,” and it is seriously remarkable. Excellent piece!

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  5. This is one of the poems I need your permission to publish, Paul. The other is untitled in the collaboration, but is second in the collaboration. Please let me know.

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