36 comments on “My Radical Conservative Thoughts

  1. A good deal of this nation’s problem stems from the boring, repetitive election of representatives & senators. There needs to be a term limit. Period. Out with the old, in with the new. Otherwise, we will remain status quo no matter what anyone tries to change. Great post, Paul.

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  2. You have some excellent and well thought out ideas. Based on the present situation regarding our selected candidates I would also suggest a thorough psychological examination prior to entering the race to the white house as it is apparent we now are faced not just with scandal and lies but the real possibility of a narcissistic racist misogynist bordering on sociopath in the oval office.

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  3. Although I tend to lean more on the liberal side, I believe these are all valid points. We need to rational thinking on both sides of the aisles. Campaign finance reform is crucial. There’s way too much money in politics and it has corrupted our system. And this election season has gone on way too long! Dragged out like a bad, ailing reality show that is both disgusting and ridiculous.

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  4. Theodore Roosevelt — one of our most intelligent presidents — would have been very pleased with what you have written. He was a devote opponent of large corporate “trusts” and the influence of business money on politics.

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  5. Someone needs to dream, to breath some life back into the great experiment. Term limits? Absolutely! Get rid of big money and special SIG’s influence? Sign me up. Let’s send a message in this election; don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. That’s not a choice. Bernie is playing the good soldier, but his constituency feels betrayed. He should have registered so we could write him in. Vote Green Party, or even Tea Party if you’re so inclined. I’m filling in that little write-in oval and will make my feelings known somehow, even though I know it won’t count.

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  6. Your dreaming if you think the human element and bias can be taken out of the equation .The quest for office is the quest for power. Donald Trump isn’t looking to big corporate money to fund his campaign yet most of the people who support what they think they heard you say. Obviously are honest God fearing souls but not schooled in politics.There is no perfect way period. What we enjoy is the best that’s ever been put together.Its as fair as humanly possible and changing all the time. Look at the latest change .Voter ID. It’s very difficult to catch someone cheating.With ID you avoid confrontation.Proof happened when one state had ID law and the voting numbers were down a lot.That showed how much cheating was prevented. Some people are still against it. Taking money out of the system is against free speech says the Supreme Court. The Democrats are against what the court ruled and I think this guy is just another democrat henchman trying to sound altruistic. The better way is have a better informed public. you do this thru civic classes in school. Teach them how the political system works. What each party stands for. The outcomes of political decisions of the Past. US history is so important and not being taught in too many classrooms today.

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    • Lots of good points, Ron. Of course it’s about power. I get that. I, too, strongly support things like voter ID and a rigorous reintroduction of civics in public schools. But I can’t support the court’s assertion that money is free speech. What they’ve done is effectively legalized institutional bribery. I’m a lot less worried about corporate money than I am about the sway of money from PACs, unions and megalomaniacs like Soros. Just imagine a less money-dependent system in which “average” citizens could viably run for office – like it once was.

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  7. If candidates had no funding but their own resources, we would be in the same situation that Citizens United has created. The wealthiest candidates would have the most sophisticated campaigns, pushing out the poor and working poor. Was it Taft who campaigned from the porch of his house? Truman campaigned on railroad cars, but those days are long gone. TV ads and all else involved are too expensive for most of the ninety-nine percent. I’m not sure if it was Taft, though. Very early 20th Century.

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  8. This is such a great and thoughtful post! I completely agree with you when you say that candidates should answer questions clearly and directly. It is simply so frustrating when I can not hear a candidates opinion on certain issues that really need to be addressed.

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  9. Money is used to effect free speech in the US. Any limitations are unacceptable. There are macrocosms & microcosms to explain it all. When big bucks are involved they actually cease being cash, big or small. It becomes a tool to effect ideas & speech. I know it’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around, sometimes.

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  10. I think independents are, in some ways, trying to move in this direction. It won’t happen, though, without a fight and shift of power that’s enabled by the changes you describe above, or their equivalent. Thanks for your repost, Paul, even though I’m getting to it late.

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