43 comments on “Second Sight

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  2. Just recently I made a decision to stop hiding my psychic (hate that word) abilities and to be more authentic about what has been a part of me all my life. I asked God for confirmation! I take your poem as just that confirmation. You captured the exact nature of the experience! Thank you!


  3. Took me a number of reads to get a handle on this so clever the words were I keep coming back to all of everything in just a nano-second; whereas first take pointed a more spiritual direction of past, present and future – all knowing and all that. Still a poem that is pure joy to read with the added bonus of making this old brain of mine think is no bad thing indeed.

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  4. it says to me, as a parent, when I see a child of mine spiraling out of control…and I am helpless…”ensuring a slow painful watch on emergent starvation”…I can barely hang on…no resources seem to help…it is excruciating…Your chosen art portends watchfulness and life…peacefulness…except for the furrowed brow on the forehead…I imagine people will come at this with where the experiences and level of perception that is within their own lives…i.e. the person who believes she has psychic abilities above…Your poetry ALWAYS makes me think beyond…Blessings!


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