62 comments on “Sentinels

  1. A wonderful elegy Paul. I particularly admire the lines “perhaps stillness is something ordained by the stones” – that took me straight there.


  2. This writing was powerful and delivered in such a way that it created image after image, and enhanced the emotions surround the writing that much more.
    This was a very well-written piece of work. Very much enjoyed, excellent write.


  3. Oh this is amazing!! Not only do I love the picture, but the feelings and visuals your words evoke are just spectacular1 I love taking photos of graveyards, but I’ve never tried writing about them… doubt I could even come close to this one. I just ❤ it! 😀


  4. “I never felt wind in a graveyard”…”or the listening bones lying under their watch” IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINSE I READ SOMETHING SO GOOD! ((((((CHILLS))))))) THANK YOU!


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  6. This so perfectly depicts that sense of stillness in a graveyard. Like time has stood still for some. Whenever I see the faded flowers in their vases I’m saddened by how forlorn they appear. Then a well-tended grave overflows with freshness and you know life has visited this place. This is beautifully said, Paul.


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