29 comments on “Tempo

  1. Jim Dine painted heart in water colors bright and lively ..enchanting background of blue..makes heart get a hue on edge if you see..its true..heart gets blues .like shades and hues of mood in swing..just ponder to think..heart does grow like a tree ..from the seed you sow..heart has flame..yes that orange ..captured and moved from top to left and when its mixed with yellow..it doesn’t get shallow..just another feel..its heart..it’s real.


      • I hope you are correct – it is just that after the recession hit in 2008 we cut back spending on all of the arts and that was to me a wrong thing to do. Without art in all its forms being available to all we, in essence have nothing – or is that just me being an old leftie again?


        • we have he same debates here – arts have always been subsidized to some extent and the subsidy is usually among the first to be reduced in times of budget constraint, rare as they are – I think my main problem is that government can never properly discriminate so it must subsidize ALL art – and that results in repugnant things like the crucifix in a jar of urine or the Madonna covered with shit being ensconced in galleries


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