42 comments on “Does Eternity Lie?

  1. This reminded me of a sad antique clock I used to watch tick away in my grandparents house until one day it stopped right in front of my eyes to never be fixed again, no matter how hard everybody tried.
    The time came for the time to end.

    Beautiful piece, Paul. As always, you trigger thoughts and memories inside me.


  2. I find philosophy fascinating. Each idea seems plausible in their own way and what is even more interesting are the minds that give birth to these ideas. Great piece!!


  3. First, I LOVE “ghost-rising moment”–such a grand phrase! And I must confess that unreality has most often been my Best reality.


  4. Hi Paul, thank you again for dropping in to read one of my pieces realpolitik and for the “like”. I always enjoy your work and the pictures you put with your poems. ” Does eternity lie?” was my favorite this time.
    I love reading about physics, especially if the piece is accessible without a working knowledge of advanced mathematics which I lack. Your poem reminds me of excitement I felt reading “Quantum Theory of Consciousness” by Henry P. Stapp. It is a relatively short paper which I think you might find interesting. The PDF file is titled Paris 2013.
    If you choose to read it I’ll be interested in your perception of its relationship to your poem.

    In the meantime thank you for your kindness,


  5. I’ve always suspected that time was an illusion . . . as am I . . . as are you . . . and so is Harry . . . Simply a dream taking place in the mind of a little old man taking a nap on the train as it clickety-clacks on down tracks in the British countryside . . .


  6. We must be, for whatever reason, on the same page this week. I’m posting a sonnet “Times’ Bell”.
    Must be the NH air 🙂
    An excellent piece, by the way 🙂

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  7. I once learned in a class about “Time and Providence” that time is a human construct. I was fascinated to discover for myself that this is so. Thus I understand that unreality is real. I find tremendous hope in the last stanza of your poem. Thank you.

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