30 comments on “Delible

  1. My thought on reading your poem: the apricot begins as a blossom, sets as a hard green kernel, expands as it grows, goes orange in the warmth of the sun, sweetens as if stung by a bee, gets picked and eaten or goes soft and falls from the tree and rots on the ground . . . Goodness, you trigger a lot of imagery! Thank you!

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  2. I love all of this, especially “skin of the mind” (now I know why thoughts hurt); and the idea that the self is always “becoming”, with constant “revisions”–and “moods of endurance”. This is a WOW one, for its clear description of what I experience.

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  3. “For better or worse”, true. So easy it is to let time run away, but so little is needed to use it to change ourselves for the better.

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  4. Time and change are “delible.” I like that word. Change allows for surprises of all kinds. The good ones are like change wrapped as a gift. Even the unfortunate ones come with possibilities.

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  5. Another aspect of light and love is the quotient of time and its relativity to life, we shall learn to live in the moment, it is the moment that plants the seeds still the soul, this poem brought it to this moment, not to look far in the future or stay in the past, but blink away it all we learn right now is the time to give it all

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